I love Christmas! I love getting together with all of my family. I love the mounds of food we make, and then wonder if we have enough. And, I love giving gifts! I enjoy buying gifts for my nephews more and more each year. As they’ve gotten older, they’ve gotten into hunting, fishing, and camping. We always buy each other something for a hiking or camping trip.

This year they found the neatest fire starter. It’s called Basecamp Reusable Fire Starter by Outdoor Systems! It was really a niffty little stocking stuffer and it worked great on our family camping trip to Cheaha State Park.

Basecamp Use

The fire starter comes in a plastic container. The actual fire starter is like a little round pumice rock. Before you use the starter, you have to soak it in three ounces of charcoal lighter fluid, lamp oil, denatured alcohol, or citronella. It specifically says not to use gasoline. I let my starter soak over night before packing it in my backpack but you only have to let it soak 10 minutes before use.

When you want to start the fire, you simply light the fire starter. I put sticks around it so they would light and built the fire out from that base. You will need to get the starter out of the fire at some point… I took mine out as soon as I had a decent base going. Let the stone cool down and put it back in the plastic container. SUPER easy!

Thanks guys! I love my Christmas present!


The boys got the Basecamp Fire Starter for me at Field & Stream; however, I wasn’t able to find it on their website.  I did find it at MrHeater.com.