Buck’s Pocket State Park is located on Sand Mountain and occupies three counties – DeKalb, Jackson, and Marshall. It consists of 2,000 acres surrounding a natural “pocket” of the Appalachian Mountain chain.

Before the Trail of Tears, the Cherokee Indians lived on this land. The area was also used to grow coffee and olives during the 1700s. Later, the land was used for logging.

Fishing in Buck’s Pocket State Park

The pocket is on an upstream tributary of Lake Guntersville. If you travel down stream to Morgan’s Cove you will find that the bass fishing is superb!

Hiking Trails in Buck’s Pocket State Park

There are 15 miles of trails in Buck’s Pocket. The trails consist of Point Rock Trail, Indian House Trail, High Bluff Trail, South Sauty Creek Trail, and Primitive Campground Trail.

Point Rock Trail is a two-mile one way trail that begins at the bottom of Buck’s Pocket Canyon and ends at Point Rock. There is a beautiful overlook at the end of the trail, Jim Lynn Overlook. Along the way, you will see Little Sauty Creek, wildflowers, ferns, and rock formations.

Indian House Trail is a half mile one way trail which is a pretty easy hike. It is said that the Cherokee Indians occupied the rock overhangs at the end of the trail. If you hike the trail in early spring, you will see wildflowers and rhododendrons.

High Bluff Trail is another half mile one way trail but is a little more difficult than the Indian House Trail as you will have some steep grades. At the overhang, you will see a huge beech tree – beautiful! There is also a seasonal stream next to the overhang (winter).

South Sauty Creek Trail is a 2.5 miles one way trail and probably the most difficult trail in the park. You will definitely want to wear hiking boots on this trail! There are two seasonal waterfalls.

The Primitive Campground Trail is also a 2.5 mile one way trail. The trail follows a creek and leads to the lake.

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