That Dog has its Own Tent

and a sleeping bag too!


Mountain Biking

DeSoto State park

DeSoto State Park is located on Lookout Mountian in Alabama. The park has over 25 miles of hiking trails which includes 11 miles of mountain biking trails; however, sources range from 10 miles of trails to 25 miles of trail…. Continue Reading →

Chief Ladiga to Silver Comet Trail

The 34-mile long Chief Ladiga Trail is Alabama’s premier rail-trail. It is located in Cleburne and Calhoun counties, in east-central Alabama. The smooth asphalt surface travels through the Tallegeda National Forest, and connects to Georgia’s Silver Comet Trail to the… Continue Reading →

Chickasabogue Park

Buddy has been bugging me all morning long! I’ve given him food, cookies, water, taken him outside about a million times… I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him but then it dawned on me he wanted to go… Continue Reading →

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