We LOVE the outdoors! My family and I always spend New Years in the woods. We usually head up to Sipsey Wilderness in Bankhead National Forest; however, this year our trip was rained out 🙁 So, we all went to bed early and started watching the weather for a nice weekend!

The first weekend we were all able to go on the trip was January 14th. As it turned out, it was also a long weekend! The weather was beautiful and seasonably warm. It was going to be a short trip of only two nights so we decided to go to Cheaha State Park instead of driving all the way to Bankhead.

We met at Chinnabee Silent Trailhead. There were ALOT of people hiking and all of the parking places were full! We decided to hike the trail anyway and assumed most of the people would be gone by dark. After opening late Christmas presents, we were ready to hit the trail. My husband and I put on our back packs and got the dogs – Buddy, Butter Bean, and PeeWee. Our daughter walked around the end of her car with a 3 day backpack on her back, a day pack on her front side, and a LARGE duffel bag with her sleeping bag in it… she also had her dog! She SO reminded me of Katz in “A Walk in the Woods”!! We rearranged but still couldn’t make it work so we decided it would be easier on everyone (especially my husband) if we went to the lower campground.

We checked in at the Cheaha Store, paid our camping fees, and headed to the campgrounds. The dogs were really happy to be out of the car and my husband was really glad he didn’t have to hike into a campsite. The campgrounds were setup nicely. Each of the sites had a pad for the tents and a fire ring. Some of the sites have a water spigot – all water spigots are shared so I’m glad that we didn’t have one of those at our site.

The next day, after our arrival, I decided to go on a short hike with Buddy. Everyone else wanted to stay at the campsite and chill. Buddy and I headed off to Cheaha Trailhead. This is the trailhead for several trails. I hiked Cave Creek last month so I decided to hike part of the Pinhoti, plus I told everyone I’d be back by lunch and it was already 9am. The trail was beautiful! Buddy had fun playing in the streams. He even got to chase some crawdads!

[flexiblemap src=”/ThatDogHasItsOwnTent/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Pinhoti-and-Pulpit-Rock-1-14-2017.kmz” width=”100%” height=”500″]

Buddy was tired and hungry when he finished his hike. I was glad to get back to the base camp for a few snacks! The fam was busy practicing knots… I hate I missed that 😉

Pulpit Rock

Our next stop was Bald Rock and Pulpit Rock. When we got to Bald Rock the parking lot was TOTALLY full and there were a ton of dogs. We didn’t want to hike that trail with all the dogs since we had our four so we moved on to Pulpit Rock. It is a very short hike to Pulpit Rock (about 0.3 miles) but there is a steep hill so be aware of this before starting out.

The last night of our camping trip was filled with lots of laughs and some great memories. I’m so glad that camping has become a family tradition!