I’ve been looking through Pinterest (which I LOVE <3 <3 <3) and I’ve noticed all of the paracord projects out there. I started pinning some of the projects I wanted to try. You can see them here – Paracord – Projects, Paracord – Dog, and Paracord – Misc. I loved the dog collars and tried a few of the fancier ones… I’m not that good yet. Here are pictures of the collars I made.

Dog Collars

Butter’s Collar

Button’s Collar

Buddy’s Collar

PeeWee’s Collar

PeeWee’s Collar Yellow and Drab Olive Fishtail braid

Here is a video tutorial. You will just need to make a longer bracelet if you want it to be a collar. I measured my dog’s neck, added an inch and made the core that length.


Yeti Cup Handle

My next project was my Yeti cup handle. I had been looking at these on Etsy and decided I could make one myself! I made one for my Yeti cup and then my nephews told me they wanted one too! I made mine first so it wasn’t my favorite… I like my nephews bright camo handle the best! I’m glad he liked it too!

The handles worked great. The one thing I had to change from the information in the tutorials I watched was the length of the loop. The videos called for a 30″ loop. I found that this was too small for a 30oz cup. I made my handle from a 35″ loop. Here are the tutorials I watch:

This is the Video I Used for the Loop Braid:

The Next 3 Videos are How to Make the Handle

Cobra Braid Image Tutorial


Key Chain

I had a little paracord left over from the Yeti handles and the dog collars so I made a key chain. I use a key ring loop and cobra braid for the key chain. Of course, one of my students ended up with this…

The knot at the bottom of the key chain is called a Diamond Knot. I found several video tutorials and image tutorials but I could not make this knot! I was VERY frustrated. Then I came across this video -best and easiest tutorial I’ve found!


Hiking Staff Handle Wrap

The next paracord project I completed was a wrap for my hiking staff.

Here is the tutorial I used for this project: (How to Wrap a Paddle or Handle with Paracord – Decorative)

I had a lot of fun learning these braids and knots! The next project I’m going to try is the Monkey Fist.