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Flint River Kayaking

What to Expect Flint River is located on the east side of Huntsville, Alabama. The river has an easy and safe flow suitable for all skill levels. There are several shuttles for paddlers with their own kayaks as well as… Continue Reading →

My Pinhoti Trail Debacle

I’ve always heard that if your gonna be stupid, you gotta be tough. Well, this trip proved this statement to be VERY true!! I’ve been planning a Pinhoti Trail trip for about a week… you can see my plans here…. Continue Reading →

Pinhoti Trail over Mardi Gras Break

Mardi Gras has been a tradition in Mobile, AL for over 300 years. It is a celebration marking the beginning of Lent, the day before Ash Wednesday. In 1704, Mobile held their first masked ball – 15 years before New… Continue Reading →

Flagg Mountain

Flagg Mountain is one of the southernmost mountains along the eastern seaboard, to be exact its 1,152ft. There is a four mile loop trail with yellow blazes on the mountain, and a connector trail to a spring for water. There… Continue Reading →

Chief Ladiga to Silver Comet Trail

The 34-mile long Chief Ladiga Trail is Alabama’s premier rail-trail. It is located in Cleburne and Calhoun counties, in east-central Alabama. The smooth asphalt surface travels through the Tallegeda National Forest, and connects to Georgia’s Silver Comet Trail to the… Continue Reading →

Kelty Red Cloud 5600 Backpack

Several years ago, we found out that my husband has a hereditary degenerative back disease along with his degenerative discs. It is very painful and the doctor told him no more lifting anything… This included no backpacking. We were both… Continue Reading →

Paracord Monkey Fist

I started working with paracord this week. You can see my first projects here. Today, I’m going to make a Monkey Fist. I’m not scared when I go out hiking on my own but there’s no reason I shouldn’t carry… Continue Reading →

My First Paracord Projects

I’ve been looking through Pinterest (which I LOVE <3 <3 <3) and I’ve noticed all of the paracord projects out there. I started pinning some of the projects I wanted to try. You can see them here – Paracord –… Continue Reading →

Paracord Diamond Knot

This is the easiest way to tie a Diamond Knot with paracord.  I was going to make a video like this but this kid did a GREAT job!!

Buck’s Pocket State Park

Buck’s Pocket State Park is located on Sand Mountain and occupies three counties – DeKalb, Jackson, and Marshall. It consists of 2,000 acres surrounding a natural “pocket” of the Appalachian Mountain chain. Before the Trail of Tears, the Cherokee Indians… Continue Reading →

Bear Creek in Alabama

Marion County Alabama Coordinates: 34.29604, -87.80318 Bear Creek is located south of Dismals Canyon and north of Hackleburg, AL on Hwy 43. The creek is VERY popular! The creek is great for beginners in canoes or kayaks and offers class… Continue Reading →

Kelty Cosmic 20 Dridown Sleeping Bag

I’m a teacher so buying the correct equipment for me the first time is very important since I don’t have a lot of money. I do quite a bit of research before I make a purchase. I’ve been using my… Continue Reading →

Hairy Armpits Aren’t My Thing

I have a hard time finding people who want to hike with me or I end up with a partner like Stephen Katz from A Walk in the Woods. This year I’m going to do more solo hiking! I’ve already… Continue Reading →

I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees. –Henry David Thoreau

Basecamp by Outdoor Systems

I love Christmas! I love getting together with all of my family. I love the mounds of food we make, and then wonder if we have enough. And, I love giving gifts! I enjoy buying gifts for my nephews more… Continue Reading →

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